Applied on: Cpanel (Linux) hosting accounts


To password protect any of the directories in your account, login to your control panel, go to (Password Protect Directories), and then select the directory you wish to password protect.    

In order to enable password protection on a directory, you will need to first check the box at the top of the page.    

You will be asked to enter the (Protected Resource Name). This will mask the user from seeing exactly what directory they are being denied access to. You may change this as you see fit.    

After that, press save and you will be prompted to a confirmation page letting you know the permissions have been changed.      

You will need to create users in order to access the password protected directory. For this you will enter the login information to be setup under the username and password fields at the same page. The users that have access to the password protected directory will be listed under (Active Users). You may alter user access by selecting the user in the side bar, and pressing (Delete User).    

On Windows/WebSitePanel, please use the secured folders tab underneath each websites under the Websites section.    

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