The following article describing the steps you can take to convert your existing Microsoft Access database to a SQL Server database using component of Microsoft SQL Server Management (available at You will need to have a copy installed on your local computer  

 Step 1. Open Import and Export Data link (That can be opened from Windows menu), to start wizard to export your MS Access data to online SQL database. Press Next button. This will open a dialogue asking about your source MS Access database details like location, ID/password. This dialogue box is shown below. After providing inputs, press next.  

 Step 2. Now you need to provide your target sql server database details. Select provider (data source) as per installed driver in your local computer. The server name is your online server like From authentication input select SQL Server Authentication and provide proper user name and password. After that you may write the target sql database name in Database dropdown list or press Refresh button to update this dropdown list with available sql databases (then select proper db). The final screen of this step is shown below. Now press Next.  

 Step 3. After step 2, you will asked to either use this wizard to copy source database to target directly or you may write your own sql query (In this case the result of query will be copied to target database). Press Next  

 Step 4. A new dialogue box as added below will be appear showing your tables in the MS Access database and the target table names in sql database. You may change the target names here by double clicking on target name. Pressing next button will ask you to run this task immediately. If you have installed Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express/Web/Workgroup you cannot schedule this wizard to run later. To run this task immediately, press Next.  This will show you summary of provided inputs. Press Finish.  

 Step 5. Completing Step 4 will start the process for copying your local MS Access database to SQL server database. You can view each step of this process at same dialogue box. Once this process completed, this dialogue box will inform you success (and problems if any) of the process. The detailed report for this process can be viewed/saved after completion.  

 This process also can be use for other compatible source like FoxPro database or MS Excel.  

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