Applied on: Linux (Cpanel) Hosting

WordPress allows you to publish new posts via e-mail. Follow the steps given below to start publishing new posts.

(1) Login to WordPress dashboard

(2) Select Settings navigation panel and click the option – Writing

(3) The Writing Settings page will be displayed on the screen

(4) In order to publish content via e-mail, you have to create a new secret e-mail id which is not easy to remember. This is because all the e-mails received to this ID will be posted to the WordPress publishing system. For instance, the mailbox id should be like c5ZdxgJ3, lXcUmGCs or kjY5grfb



As you can see above, you have to provide Mail Server, Login Name, Password and Default Category. All the post published through e-mail will be filed under this selected category. However, it is not possible to add tags.

If you want to change the category and add tags, you have to login to WordPress dashboard, modify the category and add tags to the relevant post.

If the values provided for the above mentioned parameters are correct then your email from the created secret ID will be visible on your WordPress blog and inside the dashboard.